lp/jetadmin - I've done *something* stupid

lp/jetadmin - I've done *something* stupid

Post by Brian Ri » Wed, 04 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Once upon a time I had a printer that worked.  Now this fairy
tale has alot of history, including patch attempts and no small
amount of both black and white magic.  Hopefully some kind soul
will be able to devine the meaning out of a message that I've
been getting from lp ever since I mistakenly (uh, incorrectly)
installed an lp jumbo patch ... I think it was an early version
of patch 103959, but it's been so long now I am not clear on
that point.  Since I only support myself in a one-person compute
environment it's not been that important - now, before I reload
Solaris (2.5.1) from the ground up, I thought I'd post this message
and see if I could get a quick fix to the *only* problem I have
with this box.

Ok, the problem:

UX:lp: ERROR: The LP print service could not read your request
      TO FIX: See if the spooling file system is full.
              Get help from your system administrator.

Now it doesn't matter if I run this as root or as me ... the
spooler is not full, and the read/write perms are (now) completely
open.  Uh, I *am* the system administrator and thus far I've been
unable to help myself!!!

So, watcha know good?



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