How to increse no. of descriptor (ulimit)

How to increse no. of descriptor (ulimit)

Post by Skon Lapamnuaypo » Sat, 15 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Dear all,
Our customer Sun box has been defined ulimit -Sn 1024  ( nofiles = 1024 )
to allow a database engine to serve 1,000 user connections.  Now, this
number is seem to small. So, I tried to increase the size of nofiles by
ulimit -Sn 2048 command, but it's not work.  I got an error said 'ulimit :
bad ulimit in sh and ulimit : exceeds allowable limit in ksh'.

Does anyone know how can I increase this number. I think, some kernel
variable such as semaphore or sharemem have to be reconfigured first. But,
I don't know which one have to be increased.

Thanks in advance
Skon L.


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Help quick please verify is the nofiles(descriptors) number a per user
number or a per process number?

I asked questions about this not long ago but I can't see the responses any
longer.  I believe responders said this was a per process number, now I've
got people telling me it is a per user number so the confusion is starting


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