SunRay-Server-Software: bug?

SunRay-Server-Software: bug?

Post by Julian Thoma » Fri, 01 Oct 2004 04:14:48


currently i have a Sun E420R (Solaris 8/SunRay Server Software
2.0/Citrix ICA-Client (newest version)), a Intel-Server (Windows 2000
Server, Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0) and a few SunRay's
with SmartCards.

So i can use the Windows 2000 in a SunRay-Session. But there is a
problem with the CTRL-Key. The Key isn't always working in
the Citrix(Windows)-Session on a SunRay.
The SunRay's have the Sun Type 6 USB Keyboard (german), which seems to
be the right for Sunray's.
The CTRL-Key in a Citrix-session from a SunRay works in this situation,

I put a SmartCard into the SunRay, and power on the Ray. The Solaris-
Login-Screen appears. I type my username/password and get the
Solaris-Desktop. If i start a Citrix-Session now, the CTRl-Key isn't
working (it seems the CTRL-key is "invisible", if i press [CTRL]+c, i
get a "c"). I disconnect the Citrix-Session, and remove the Smartcard,
without logging out. Now, i get a new Solaris-Login-Screen.
I type my username/password (the same) again and get a "second"
Solaris-Desktop. I start a Citrix-Session and the CTRL-Key is working!
I disconnect the Citrix-Session, log out and put the SmartCard into the
SunRay, then i get the "old" Desktop again, where the CTRL-Key still
isn't working.

The settings of the ICA-Client are correct (i selected the Sun Type 6
USB-Keyboard from a list, Keyboard Layout is german)and i have
the same settings (the keyboard-setting is Type 6, the U10 hasn't a
USB-Keyboard) on a Sun Ultra 10 (Solaris 8), where the CTRL-Key is
working in a Citrix-Session without problems.

Is this a bug/known problem or something new?
What can I do to solve this problem?

Thank you for any help

Julian Thomas

sorry for my bad english ;)