Setting up Solaris 2.4 on VT100-Based SPARC 20/712MP Console

Setting up Solaris 2.4 on VT100-Based SPARC 20/712MP Console

Post by Ian Lumb {Comp. Syst. Coord./FPAS » Tue, 18 Jul 1995 04:00:00


We have recently acquired two SS20/712MPs that are destined for the
University's machine room, and given this context, it didn't make any
sense to purchase standard Sun monitors. Instead, we are using
vt100-generation terminals to act as system consoles via the serial ports.

In attempting to install Solaris 2.4 for the _first time_ however, we've
run into an apparent configuration limitation: Instead of getting the
three choices

        - Jump Start Install
        - Custom Install
        - Complete Install

the text-based interaction offers no choices, and proceeds with Jump
Start! I have no idea what Jump Start actually installs, but it is
presumably some minimal version of the OS.

In addition, it formats one of the internal 1.05 GB SCSI drives into one
large file system!

This is not an acceptible configuration, and I am seeking other
possibilities which offer more flexibility.

My options seem to be:

        1. Re-partition (and re-format?) after the Jump Start installation.
           (Not sure just how this could be done ... :-)

        2. Somehow disable the automatic Jump Start choice, and do a
           Complete Installation. (Most desireable!)

        3. Obtain a monitor, frame buffer, mouse and keyboard, so that I can
           do the GUI-based installation. (Possible ...)

I would appreciate feedback on which of these possibilities people feel
would make the most sense; perhaps there are other possibilities as well -
I can only hope :-)

TIA, Ian.


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