printing postscript to non-postscript printer?

printing postscript to non-postscript printer?

Post by Torsten Muelle » Thu, 06 Jun 1996 04:00:00


we have a deskjet printer at our department, which does not support
postscript. Now we would like to print the output of framemaker (which
is only postscript) to that printer.
I think it must be possible to include a filter like ghostscript.
Is this possible ?

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hi everyone

i've been trying to get my printer(s) set up on my system and i am able
to print plain ascii onto both my epson (really old nasty thing that it
is) and my deskjet.. now, it would be much nicer (and less costly) if i
could print postscript to these non-postscipt printers so i found out
about ghostscript.  (i have actually got ghoscript 2.6.2 on my system
and read up on it.)

i found a very 'simple' (nothing is simply really is it? :-) ) pipeline
that was to print ps on a non-ps printer - ok me thinks so i try it out
using a ps doucment i found, and executed:
 gs -dSAFER -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=epson -sOutputFile= | lpr

i removed the 'filter' (the 'if') entry from /etc/printcap just to be
sure that what was going to be printed was the output of this file

however the printer output the 'lovely' ps as the ascii-ps code; ie
beginning the file with

(i actually viewed the ps file using ghostview and it is valid

i also tried out a ps-printcap i found tat did the 'print ps on non-ps
printer' trick - here is the lsm entry
 Title:  ps-printcap
 Version: 1
 Entered-date: 22NOV95
 Description: printcap and filter: printing postscript on non-postscript
 printer + text as postscript Keywords: Postscript Printing text


and the files in the tgz were:
  lp: \
  :lp:lp=/dev/lp1: \
  :sd=/var/spool/lpd/lp: \
  :mx%0: \
  :if=/etc/filter: \

  # Set the PRINTER var to a "gs" device.
  # Try gs -h for a list of drivers

  #PRINTER=djet500 # original - changed to try out my epson
  nenscript -ZB -p- | gs -q -sDEVICE=$PRINTER \
          -dA4 -dNOPAUSE \
   -dSAFER -sOutputFile=- -

i installed these and tried to print ascii text files but these were
unsuccessful.  (i have nenscript 1.13++ installed).  i even tried
  nenscript -ZB -p- | gs -q -sDEVICE=$PRINTER -dA4 -dNOPAUSE -dSAFER
-sOutputFile=- - | lpr

from the command line

can someone *please* tell me where i'm going wrong on this but even
better, can someone please give me information (or preferably send me)
for setting up their /etc/termcap and /etc/filter files for PRINTING
POSTSCIPT onto my NON-POSTSCRIPT printers which are:
 epson lq100 (told you it was really old and nasty!!!)
 hp 600

this would be a greate help for my work.  any help and advice will be
greatly appreciated and i'll definitely give you acknowledgement in my
work !!! (no hard cash i'm affraid - i'm still studying :-) )



ps - can people cc their replies to me - thanks again

anyone who has viewed src code in 1up will know what a help it is to
have something that'll dump 2 or 4 (or even 6) pages of src code onto
one a4 page!!!

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