SCO Foxbase+ 2.1.2 on Solaris X86 2.5.1

SCO Foxbase+ 2.1.2 on Solaris X86 2.5.1

Post by Martin Spo » Mon, 25 Nov 1996 04:00:00

: [...] Have previously run it
: successfully under SVR4.2 variant (Information Foundation)
: but could not run it under Solaris. The 4.2 says its compatible
: with COFF and iBCSe2 (Intel Binary Compatibility Standard edition 2).

COFF/iBCS2 compatibility was added to SVR4 _after_ Sun bought a copy of the
source. You might try Solaris2.4 BaseServer which is told to be fully
compatible to SCO binaries, but doesn't come with any X11 support.

I really don't understand why SunSoft doesn't profit of owning Interactive
to add full COFF/iBCS2 compatibility to current releases of Solaris !!!


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