trouble on NIS server on Solaris8(intel)

trouble on NIS server on Solaris8(intel)

Post by Shozo UEHAR » Tue, 30 May 2000 04:00:00

I have a NIS(not NIS+) master server on an x86 machine with
Solaris8.   The nsswitch.conf has the following entries,

        hosts: files nis dns
        ipnodes: files

and /var/yp/Makefile has "B=". (without -b).

The trouble is the NIS master server cannot communicate with hosts of
FQDN soon.

That is, on the NIS master server,  when I do "ping" to a host, whose
name is either in /etc/inet/hosts or NIS host-database, "ping" returns  
"the_host is alive" soon. but when I do "ping" the same host with the
FQDN which is not in /etc/inet/hosts nor NIS host database,"ping"

 "# truss ping the_host.f.q.d.n" gives

   open64("/etc/.name_service_door", O_RDONLY)
   door_call(....)  (sleeping....)

If I change the NIS master server for just a NIS client, then the
above trouble will go away.

Under the same configuration, the NIS master server of Solaris7(intel)
can run without the above trouble.

Is there a patch for the trouble?



1. NIS server (ypserv) is buggy on Solaris8 x86

We have a NIS master server on Solaris7_x86 running for a long time.
some of the related configurations:
 * "nsswitch.conf" has an entry of "hosts:  files nis dns".
 *  "B=" in /var/yp/Makefile (not "B=-b")

On the same configuration, NIS master server on Solaris8 x86 has a
following trouble:

 If a hostname is on the NIS host map, ping or telnet is OK, however,
 if a hostname is not on the NIS host map, ping or telnet to
 the host is stuck. (this problem never happens on Solaris7)

I've found just two temporary fixes;

 * replace the "ypserv" of Solaris8_x86 by that of Solaris7_x86.
 * run "ypserv" without "-d" option.

 As for the second fix, of course,  by default, "ypserv" starts
to run through /etc/rc2.d/S71rpc (or /usr/lib/netsvc/yp/ypstart) with
"-d" option since the NIS server has "/var/yp/NISdomain_name_dir",
which is the same as on Solaris7.

 These fixes mean 'ypserv' on Solaris8_x86 is buggy.


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