shared library and -lpthread problem under solaris

shared library and -lpthread problem under solaris

Post by Kyle Saunde » Fri, 04 Sep 1998 04:00:00


I'm developing under Sparc Solaris 2.6, SC 4.2 (from Visual Workshop 3.0).

I'm trying to create a shared library and use threads (-lpthread).  The
problem is that I can do one or the other, but not both.  I have a little
test program that calls some functions in my little test shared library.  The
library will make pthread calls, and the application may make pthread calls.

If I link -lpthread, when my program calls fopen(), the program halts with
the following error message:

libc internal error: _rmutex_unlock: rmutex not held.

If I do not link with pthread, then my program runs ok, but the pthread calls
are apparently stubbed out by libc.

Of course, if I create my library non-shared (ar/ranlib style), then there is
no problem.  But that is not a practical solution for our application.  I
need to be able to successfully use shared libraries with -lpthread.

I've enclosed my makefile below, as I suspect that I'm doing something wrong
there.  Any suggestions are most appreciated (especially source for a test
app, lib, makefile that shows me how it's done :-)

        - Kyle

all: foo foomt      foolib.o
#       CC -G -o foolib.o -lpthread
        CC -G -o foolib.o
        cp /usr/lib/

foolib.o:       foolib.cpp foolib.h

foomt:  foo.o
        CC -o foomt foo.o -lfoo -lpthread

foo:    foo.o
        CC -o foo foo.o -lfoo

foo.o:  foolib.h foo.cpp

        rm foo.o foolib.o foo foomt


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