Pine 3.95

Pine 3.95

Post by Steve Col » Tue, 13 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I've been having minor troubles with Pine (my preferred mail/news reader
even though I have at least five other clients including GUI).  The
trouble I've been having have occurred since Pine v3.91.  Here's a

a) Pine 3.92 and higher show an inordinate load on the machine when
browsing the newsgroups I subscribe to.  We're talking about 2.0+ loads
with one person browsing news.  Tin doesn't even bump the load on the
machine (Ultra 1, 128MB RAM)  This is really what I'm writing the message

I've tried various things including specification of NNRP protocol and
others... it's still doing it.  Nearly locks the machine up during NNTP

b) Pine 3.92 and higher seem to be able to lock up the W95 telnet
frequently.  I *know* this is a bug in W95 telnet and other programs have
been able to do it, but it happens in Pine more often.  Probably not a bug
in Pine at all, just thought I'd mention it.

c) Multiple incoming folders are cool, but I'll be damned if I can make
them work right... and the documentation is <ahem> sparse.

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1. Pine 3.95 and pine.conf/pine.conf.fixed

Hello all,

Just a quick question for today.  I recently installed q-mail on my
system to replace sendmail.  One of the things required by this install
is moving the mail folders to the users directories.  System is FreeBSD
2.1.5-Release, Pine is version 3.95.

I would like to set up Pine to default to a file (Mailbox) in the user's
home directory.  I know I need to set inbox-path=Mailbox but for some
reason Pine seems to ignore it's system wide configuration file.  If you
specify the system wide file, it works fine.

I've got pine.conf in /usr/local/lib/ as specified as the default
location for the global config file in the man pages....  Where'd I go

Thanks for any pointers!!


PS: An e-mailed reply in addition to a follow up post is greatly
appreciated as my news feed isn't all that great ;)

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