EAGAIN on reading /dev/kstats (partial OS hang)

EAGAIN on reading /dev/kstats (partial OS hang)

Post by Larry Rosenm » Sat, 06 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I have a 2.5 box (SPARC) running as my news server.  in the last 2 weeks it's
done a partial hang (INN stops taking TCP connections, uptime hangs (a truss
shows EAGAIN on a /dev/kstats ioctl), and generally it's hard reboot (Power
off/on), so no coredump.

before I go calling sun, anyone ever see this?  (I did put on a whole slew
of patches 2 hangs ago (latest KJP, TCP, and ODS fixes).

Any help would be appreciated.

Larry Rosenman
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1. register dumps when reading /dev/hda1 (OS/2 prob????)

I had all this working - I'm not quite sure what happened - but.....
(1.1.59 running on an EIDE 540MB drive)

If I do:

cat /dev/hda1 > /dev/null

I get a segmentation violation and a register/stack/code dump
on the console - but all the other processes carry on.

/dev/hda1 has an OS/2 HPFS partition on created by OS/2 warp.
OS/2 added an extra partition after the 1024th cylinder using its
fdisk.  All was working happily until I tried to install a new kernel.

I popped a new kernel into /vmlinuz.new and ran lilo - it gave me
a similar dump to the one that cat gave.  Commenting the new kernel
stuff out didn't help, but commenting the boot entries for
OS/2 out of the lilo.conf let the lilo install run.

The really wierd thing is that I can mount /dev/hda1 as an OS/2 HPFS
partition under Linux fine.

I'm running 1.1.59 at the moment (compiled with gcc 2.6.3).

I also tried recreating the partition with Linux
fdisk with no gain (just by deleting and then re adding the partition)



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