gzip pipe to cpio...random links renamed

gzip pipe to cpio...random links renamed

Post by cpg » Wed, 21 Dec 2005 12:38:48

I have a gzipped cpio archive that is fairly large (5ish Gb
uncompressed).  The problem I experience is
with the command gzip -dc | cpio -imutvB (I believe this is the
command...it is the converse of how the file was created), I will get a
different verbose output than if I go from gzip to an on disk file and
then input that file into cpio.
The difference occurs with a few files and they are all symbolic links
(out of thousands of symbolic links total)...maybe about 3.  The form
of the corruption is a changed target filename as such:
             /export/home/xaSame  -> /home/errata/xaSat  (should be

The other form of corruption occurs in the form of:
             /export/home/xaSameLong  -> /home/errata/xaSamemmmm
(should be xaSameLong)

I've tried this on Solaris 2.6 and Solaris 9 and get the same effect.
gzip version was 1.3.5.
It also appears that there is a 50/50 chance of this happening but when
it does it is consistent about which files this occurs to. ls -lisa
doesn't show anything abnormal.

Has anybody else experienced this? Any ideas?


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Here's the command I'm planning to use for dumping across a network:

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Notice I define a blocksize on the dd command, but I haven't defined one
anywhere else. This was after a write failuer with no block size set on a
big backup. Someone suggested setting the block size miught help. I'm not
too sure what the ramifications of this are. Is it a Bad Thing to mix the
block size? I don't believe gzip gives you an option for setting block
size. Should I worry? A couple of test backups and retores seemed to work


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