Solaris 2.5 PPP: CHAP authentication problems

Solaris 2.5 PPP: CHAP authentication problems

Post by Jens Clausse » Thu, 19 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I have a PPP server running without problems on Solaris 2.5. In order
to increase security, I want to set up CHAP authentication for dial-in
clients. Here is a fragment of my test entry in
(secrets etc. blanked out with XXX)

        peer_system_name Ptest
        peer_ip_address DBppptest
        require_authentication chap pap
        chap_name chaphere
        chap_peer_name chaptest
        chap_peer_secret XXX
        chap_secret YYY

After successful connection, CHAP authentication fails because the
server does not sent its chap name in the "CHAP challenge", such that
the client (ppp-2.2.0f on Linux) cannot match the server name in the
secret table:

15:34:50 parse_config_file: Successful configuration
22:25:29 038152 ipdptp0 PPP DIAG OPEN
22:25:29 038153 ipdptp3 SEND PPP ASYNC 34 Octets LCP Config-Req  ID=59 LEN=29 MRU=1500 ACCM=200a0000 Auth=CHAP Al
g=MD5 MAG#=e3a147b9 ProtFCOMP AddrCCOMP
22:25:29 038154 ipdptp3 RECEIVE PPP ASYNC 34 Octets LCP Config-ACK  ID=59 LEN=29 MRU=1500 ACCM=200a0000 Auth=CHAP
 Alg=MD5 MAG#=e3a147b9 ProtFCOMP AddrCCOMP
22:25:31 038155 ipdptp3 RECEIVE PPP ASYNC 29 Octets LCP Config-Req  ID=02 LEN=24 MRU=1500 ACCM=ffffffff MAG#=15ab
fdc2 ProtFCOMP AddrCCOMP
22:25:31 038156 ipdptp3 SEND PPP ASYNC 29 Octets LCP Config-ACK  ID=02 LEN=24 MRU=1500 ACCM=ffffffff MAG#=15abfdc
22:25:31 038157 ipdptp3 SEND PPP ASYNC 20 Octets CHAP Challenge  ID=01 LEN=15 Value-size= 10 Value: cb 39 cb 5f 8e 0c b9 ac a3 05 Name:
                                      ^^^^^ No name given here. I
would expect "chaphere" in this field. Is this a Bug? Or am I missing

22:25:31 038158 ipdptp3 RECEIVE PPP ASYNC 34 Octets CHAP Response  ID=01 LEN=29 Value-size= 16 Value: 6b df 03 28
 f9 0f a6 7b 54 1a 7e 9d 57 01 30 59 Name: chaptest
22:25:31 process_ppp_msg: PPP_ERROR_IND Remote Authentication Failed
22:25:31 038159 ipdptp3 SEND PPP ASYNC 9 Octets CHAP Failure  ID=01 LEN=4 Message:
22:25:31 038160 ipdptp3 SEND PPP ASYNC 9 Octets LCP Term-REQ  ID=5a LEN=4
22:25:31 038161 ipdptp3 RECEIVE PPP ASYNC 9 Octets LCP Term-ACK  ID=5a LEN=4
22:25:32 038162 ipdptp3 PPP DIAG CLOSE

Thanks for any hints


Jens Clau?en                   Lehrstuhl fr Dialogorientierte Systeme
Tel. +49 851 509-3063          Universit?t Passau, FMI Zimmer 107


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