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I have a solaris 2.6 server with 3 virtual ip address on the same
phisical interface.

how can I can I configure a solaris machine to exit to my net always
from one specific virtual ip address (not the IP address associated to

I read this on sunsolve:

2.6 parameter that enables ip load balancing over physical interfaces.
see ifconfig 2.6 man page INTERFACE GROUPS " rotate  source address
selection when the source address is unspecified, and in the case of
multiple physical interfaces in the same group, to scatter traffic
across different IP addresses on a per-IP-destination basis.

Default value is 0  (Default =1 before patch 105786-05)

I have that patch installed.
thank you


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Question: What does the "ip:ip_enable_group_ifs" do PRECISELY?

I know that it will group interfaces BUT there's a lot of

 - what if the system has 3 interfaces and only 2 need to
   be grouped?
 - what if the interfaces are on different networks?
 - what if there's more than one logical interface per physical

Just from the top of my mind, these questions appear to be VERY
important. Specially important for proxy servers, as it is my case.

Can someone give a good answer??

Please, spare me the "it will group the interfaces" replies.


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