Physical address of kernel memory returned by ddi_umem_alloc()?

Physical address of kernel memory returned by ddi_umem_alloc()?

Post by dstur.. » Fri, 14 Apr 2000 04:00:00

How does one get the physical address of the
memory buffer returned by ddi_umem_alloc()
routine in memory? Is there a routine I can
call to give me the physical address?
  Also are the pages allocated contiguous
in physical memory?

   Any information would be greatly

   Dave Sturtevant
   Nextone Communications, Inc.

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 I have a fairly basic question about "Kernel logical address" and "Physical

In the book about Linux Device Drivers from Alessandro Rubini I read:

"Logical addresses make up the normal address-space of the kernel. . On most
architectures, logical and their associated physical addresses differ only
by a constant offset." __pa() is used to go from logical address to Physical
address; __va() the other way round.

I have been working on a PPC platform, running Linux 2.2. This platform has
a register where you can enable different options and where you can control
several LED's. The vendor mentions that this register is mapped in memory at

When I write (in a driver)

char *p=0xFA40000;

*p = ..; (I know I should use writeb to be more portable.)

it seems to work; the leds can be manipulated. But as FA400000 is a physical
address, I thought that it had to be *p=__va(0xFA40000);

Who can help me out? Where do I find a nice document about this?



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