Solaris x86 installation story (far fetched)

Solaris x86 installation story (far fetched)

Post by Sacha Prin » Sun, 24 Oct 1999 04:00:00


Something unbelievable happend when I tried to install Solaris 7 on an
old 486 I had lying around (I ordered the 'trial' version of Solaris
because I'm looking for alternatives to my present OS). This 486 was
nothing fancy, IDE bus, VGA, CRDOM and NE2000 compatible NIC.

When installing I got the message from the 'device configuration
assistant' (i.e. boot floppie) that there was an IRQ conflict between my
VGA card and my NE2000 NIC (IRQ 11). Thinking nothing of it I decided to
reboot with a dos floppie to reconfigure the IRQ of my NE2000 NIC to
something other than 11. But then the system wouldn't boot anymore... It
appears that the motherboard is completely dead. Which strikes me as odd
since I have installed OS/2, FreeBDS and DOS on different occasions on
that machine. And now while installing Solaris I have killed it it
seems. Is this tipical for Solaris installations? Anyone else
experienced this?

I wonder if Sun is ensured for these kinds of things.

Sacha Prins