Solaris 9, Internet access problem, DNS problem?

Solaris 9, Internet access problem, DNS problem?

Post by sapstev » Sun, 10 Jul 2005 02:17:57


       I just finished the installation of Solaris 9 on Sun Enterprise
450 server. I can not access the website by address, but I can ping the
IP of internal and expternal IP addresses.  During the installation in
one of the screens it asked to choose one of the option NIS, NIS+, DNS,
LDAP, None. I may have chosen the option 'NONE'. do you think this is
the problem? How can I correct the problem?

Please see my other post for the config details.


Solaris 9, Internet access problem, DNS problem?

Post by sapstev » Sun, 10 Jul 2005 02:58:29

Ok, I got it figured out.

modified nsswitch.conf file to reflect following for the hosts entry.

  hosts:      files dns


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Cameron !

The Config seems to be OK. Sure, you can add a bit more security by using NAT and IP Forw. But the scheme is the same.
All Packets for non local hosts, were sent to a default gateway. And this decides what to do with it.

You can use your Linux box for setting up a NNTP server. Just use INN in stead of CNEWS. If you have questions for
configuration, mail to my personal account.

Clemens Heise

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