stat() hangs indefinetely on NFS when server down

stat() hangs indefinetely on NFS when server down

Post by Yong Ch » Thu, 09 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Subject: stat() hangs indefinately on NFS when server down

On Solaris 2.4, I have a process that blocks indefinately when it
does a stat() or access() call on a file that is on an NFS partition,
and the server is down. (The mount is "rw,hard,intr".)

How can I prevent this indefinate blocking? Forcing the mount to
be done in a specific way (e.g. always "soft") is not an option;
I would like to find something that works irrespective of now the
NFS mount is done. Have tried using signal()/alarm(), but the signal
only gets delivered after the NFS server comes back.

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Hi all,

I'm running a 4.3.3 F50 server that exports some file systems to a
4.3.3 S80 machine. Those machines are connected by a 2 way gigabit
ethernet network. Yesterday I had to get the server down for
maintenance and surprisingly the client machine stopped answering to
its clients, i.e., the applications that runs on that machine hung.

There is a known problem related to that situation ? It might be a
coincidence and the problem with the applications was not really
related with the shutdown of the nfs server ? I looked for related
messages on both logs but I didn't find anything.

Thanks in advance.


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