Solaris 2.6: screen-saver + power-management

Solaris 2.6: screen-saver + power-management

Post by Andreas Sinderman » Thu, 08 Jan 1998 04:00:00


the following line in /etc/power.conf switches off the screen after
the screen-saver is invoked or if I call xlock:

   /dev/fb                 0 0             /dev/kbd /dev/mouse

How do i have to change this line in order to switch it off after
10 minutes? I don't understand why there are TWO threshold values
for a single framebuffer.


   /dev/fb                 10 10             /dev/kbd /dev/mouse


Thanks for any help!



1. Screen saver using power management


     We are switching from Solaris 2.5 to Solaris 7, and are
     using CDE instead of OpenWindows.  In OW when the screen
     saver cuts in, it just blanks out the screen.  However,
     when using CDE, the "blanking" screen saver also makes
     the monitor go into power save mode.  People used to
     the instantaneous "wake up" in OW are now annoyed by
     the 8 seconds or so it takes for the monitor to bring
     up the display.  I have disabled power management on
     the workstation, which works for a non-windowing
     environment but does not affect CDE.  We do not want
     to use any of the other screen savers offered with CDE.

     Can anyone give an alternative to CDE's screen saver?
     Thanks in advance!


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