ANNOUNCE: Solaris Kernel/Device Driver Mailing List

ANNOUNCE: Solaris Kernel/Device Driver Mailing List

Post by Randy F » Tue, 02 May 1995 04:00:00


The Solaris Kernel Developers' Mailing List

This mailing list is open to all and unmoderated.
Discussions should include:

Kernel issues
Device Drivers

and anything else relevant to the kernel on Solaris 2.x

sol_kernel" in the body of your message. The list itself is


Randy Fay, Evolving Systems, Inc, 8000 E. Maplewood Ave, Rm 1045,


1. ANNOUNCE: IP_MASQ mailing list (1.3.n kernel)

I have setup a mailing list with the specific topic of the IP_MASQUERADE
function being developed in the new 1.3.n kernel.  This will be a low
volume list primarily for those of us (myself included) who are
interested in techniques for application and installation of this bold
new function.

If you are a Linux operator working with (or trying to) the new IP_
MASQUERADE, feel free to join in what will become a source for news,
tips, and help.

NOTE: Subscription is being handled manually, so it may take a few hours
'till I get your name added.

Definition:  IP_MASQUERADE is a new kernel function that allows a Linux
box to serve as an invisible proxy server for ANY type of IP connection.  
As of the 1.3.9 kernel it appears to not function properly.  It requires
that you have sufficient knowledge of Linux to be able to compile and
install an ALPHA (aka: untested development) kernel.  If your machine
MUST be stable and reliable, this is not a good idea.

Ken Eves

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5. ANNOUNCE: IP_MASQ mailing list (1.3.n kernel)

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