The PC Mac Holy war

The PC Mac Holy war

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 > > : 2) Win95 hasn't even been around for a year and it already has five
 > > : times the software of Mac.
 > >
 > > Show me an application (except a game) than you can get on a pc that I
 > > can't find the equilivalent of for mac.
 > Visual Basic.
 > Apple itself has said it needs something like this, so i went
 > gangbusters after Denali as a cross-platform thing called Denali, now
 > delayed.
 > And if you answer AppleScript and HyperCard, I'll pre-respond by saying
 > they're not PowerMac native and not up to the task of filling this void.

 HyperCard 2.3.3 is PPC native. If you need a visual basic stand-in(and
 more!), you should check out AppWare. The product has been bought from
 Novell by Network Multimedia, and is a great example of object oriented
 programming for non-programmers. In most cases, I find  Appware, FaceSpan
 or HyperCard in combination with AppleScript can fill in for Visual Basic.

 John Warwick


1. The PC Mac Holy war

|> For productivity, mac os is the clear winner.  For games, PC is the clear
|> winner.  For a brute force technically better os, Unix is the winner, b/c
|> it has all that great stuff like:  Preemptive multitasking, flat memory
|> model, multiuser system, command line shell (for all you programmers),
|> multithreading, multi-cpu, blah, blah.  Does a true end user need any of
|> that crap?  Nope.  Just an easy mouse click and no crashes.  Macintosh.
|> Now, thats my 2 cents.
|> Dave.
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Hum.  There was a time when you needed to be a professional
to even have access to a computer.  And you may have even
done data entry with toggle switches on a pannel.  It seems
that MS and Apple tried to convince the world that that was
not good enough.  They wanted everyone to have a computer.

Now you've got the computer and you piss and moan if it even
has a keyboard on it... let alone trying to figure out how
to use a mouse with more than one button.  I feel like saying
"perhaps you should get a CS or engineering degree and come
back", but it looks like you already have one.

The "end user" only needs to look in their mail box for the
computer generated bills at the end of the month, and know
how to drive the TV remote.  That's about the limit of their
computer knowledge anyway.

Sorry, please don't take this personally.  I just needed to
relieve the old pressure valve, vent to atmosphere.  I'm better

Perry Grieb


Perry Grieb

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