Installing MS Office95 with SunPC 4.1

Installing MS Office95 with SunPC 4.1

Post by Jamey Crumple » Fri, 12 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Has anyone had any positive experiences with this combination?  I have
encountered several problems with installing Office in SunPC.  The
error message I get is:

        Setup could not write to the file:
        Ensure that the destination drive has enough free space.

The odd thing is, each time I run SETUP, I get a different filename
that SETUP could not write to.  The files have the proper ownership
(the user account running SunPC).  Eventually, after several attempts,
Office will finally successfully install, without any errors.

I have set the memory size to the maximum of 16MB, and the C container
file is 128MB.  I am installing Office to a drive letter that was
mapped by Explorer, so it is using the 95 file name convention.

Thanks for sharing any thoughts on this...


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