NIS+ Change Root Master Server: How to pointers.

NIS+ Change Root Master Server: How to pointers.

Post by Bill Fli » Tue, 05 Dec 1995 04:00:00


Does anyone know the steps to moving root master server responsibilities
from one machine to a new machine?  Or could you point me to some reference?

The network has about 150 SPARCs all running 2.4.

Any help would be appreciated.


Bill Flink


1. changing nis+ root master server name

We want to change the name of an nis+ root master server.
Since nis+ scatters the name throughout several nis+ tables,
it doesn't seem to be simply a matter of changing hostname.le0,
hosts, and renaming the /var/nis/<hostname> directory.

Rather than start over and reload all of the information,
we're wondering about turning a client into a root replica,
making the server a client (with the new name) of the replica,
then making the former server a server again by making it a
replica of the replica.

Is a root replica equivalent to a master?  In yp days, a slave
wasn't equivalent; changes had to be made on the master and were
propagated to the slaves.  Is that still the case with nis+?


Ron Stanonik


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