metaset: scsi disk is not common error

metaset: scsi disk is not common error

Post by Giovann » Sat, 13 Mar 2004 19:44:16


i have two IDENTICAL server (identical means even internal boards are in the
same sockets), with solaris 9 12/03 x86 inside.

i attached an external scsi box to each of them.

the scsi id configuration is

id 0 - first server hba
id 1 - second server hba
id 4 - hd1
id 5 - hd2
id 6 - hd3
id 7 - hd4

now, while adding disks to a diskset i gain the infamous:

"...disk is not common..."

and that's right because of different minor number.

now, the only difference between the two servers is the hba id.

all the rest does not change.

why do i gain the followin major minor numbers?

disk   server 1      server2
4       29,384      29,320
5       29,448      29,384
6       29,1024     29,448
7       29,512      29,512

as you can see, metaset works fine for just disk id 7.

i have tried to rebuild devices n-times (even chainging the scsi id of hba by
selecting the same id for each of them).

i have tried to smash everything in the boot interpreter interface

someone said "... list of commands/caveats is availabel on the newsgroups/web:
that's not true except for philip brown good tutorial on x86 boot process.

i have tried searching groups/web: nothing.

how do i change the minor number of a device disk, manually?

please, help me if you can...