!HELP! cp error during install

!HELP! cp error during install

Post by Viktor Ivo » Wed, 28 Apr 1999 04:00:00

When installing oracle on sun Solaris 2.7 I'm getting this error massage
cannot access chkdrvrs
cp chkdrvrs <path>

as you can see it misses a dot at the end of file name.
Does anybody know how to tell Solaris to copy files without asking for dot?

Regards, Viktor


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We have an application where the browsers refresh every few seconds to get
"real-time" data.  We mv or cp new docs every few seconds to accomplish
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the copy scripts.  Apache/Linux/Red Hat 6.1 forwards a stub HTML doc up to
the browser (which has no refresh of course).

This breaks our application as the browsers have a blank frame.

If anyone can suggest a way to mv or cp docs from scripts - that would be
most appreciated.

Tim Hayes

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