Bug list for Solaris x86?

Bug list for Solaris x86?

Post by Kirk Ols » Sat, 08 Jan 1994 23:52:33

Does anyone know of a bug list for Solaris x86?  I'm sure SunSoft has
one but I doubt they like to share it.



1. Solaris x86 and UnixWare (was: Re: Solaris 2.4 -- feature list)

I've long been wanting to get a fair, objective, technical comparison between
Solaris x86 and UnixWare.  Can someone provide it for all of us?  Thank you.

Just please leave the SDK parts out of the discussion.  I'm just interested
basically in the architecture, implementation, and performance of the two OSs.

Thank you!

Would you please tell us why you think it's better?  You could include
personal reasons, e.g., look and feel, unique utilities, etc.  Thanks.


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