calendar manager problems

calendar manager problems

Post by J Fieb » Tue, 16 Nov 1993 01:54:30

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I need a clue here...I've got 13 Sparc classics, all configured more
or less alike (famous last words) and calendar manager only works on
one of them. When I invoke cm on the others, I get an error message
that the calendar file can't be created. I've checked the permissions
on /usr/spool/calendar and everything else I can think of. If I create
the file callog.user by hand (by copying an existing one from my
machine and changing the user and machine names) I don't get the error
any more, but no entries show up in the calendar and if I try to
insert I get told I don't have insert permission. I can't find
anything that looks like a relevant difference between the one machine
where it's working and the others.

Assuming I can get cm to work at all, I gather I just missed a
discussion of how I can centralize the calendars. I've got most of my
workstations in a student lab, and I'd like the students to be able to
use cm from any machine and get a single calendar stored on the
server. I gather it's dangerous to mount the calendar directory on the

Finally, on another topic entirely: on every one of my machines, when
I'm in answerbook (or anything else that uses the docviewer) and I
select partial-page-view, the scroll bar appears as it should in the
window, BUT it's completely dead. When I attempt to use it, absolutely
nothing happens. I had Sun working on this last summer, and they
couldn't reproduce the problem at all. The program works fine in other
respects, the checksums are correct, etc. Anybody have this problem at
all? I've got the standard 15" color monitors.

Thanks for any help, from a novice and largely involuntary system
manager (I'm really a math professor, but our central computing office
hasn't gotten to the point of offering unix support yet...)

-- David


1. calendar manager problem


I have a little problem with the Solaris calendar manager (cm).
I recently moved to a new workstation and tried to install my
old "callog.username" file there, but cm didn't show the entries
of the old file. As a next step, I changed all the entries in the log
file, that included the name of my old computer, by inserting
the new name. But this didn't work either, cm still refuses to
show the old entries.
Furthermore, when I enter a new appointment, cm reports that it
can't write it to the calendar file. But when I list callog, I can
clearly see that the new entry has been appended. This all looks
very strange to me ...

Does anyone here know anything about those problems. Is there a
way to fix them ?

Any hints are appreciated very much, since I want to avoid entering
all my dates and appointments once again. There are a lot of them.

I also checked some FAQs, but I didn't find any solutions there.

  Thank you very much in advance


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