Solaris iso_8859_1 locale, isw... bugs?

Solaris iso_8859_1 locale, isw... bugs?

Post by Gary Gocek x76260 - UICT Syste » Fri, 06 Aug 1993 02:54:57

I'm trying to use "iswprint" in OpenWindows 3.2 (Solaris 2.2).  My locale is set to
iso_8859_1 via "*xnllanguage: iso_8859_1" in my .Xdefaults file.  (I'm not calling
setlocale, as is noted in the OLIT 3.2 RM.)  "iswprint" is an ANSI-C function that
returns true if a character is "printable".  However, it seems to think that only
7-bit ASCII characters are printable.

XwcDrawImageString can display characters past decimal 127 in the iso_8859_1 locale,
but not in the default C locale, so I think my locale setting is working properly.
Is the iso_8859_1 locale somehow incomplete, or is it too much to expect of Solaris
to change the action of iswprint when the locale changes?

What happens when I switch to an Asian locale, assuming that my Sun rep can ever
figure out how to get the feature package described in the OLIT manual?  Geez.



1. Problems with iso_8859_1 locale


The Solaris system I use (SunOS 5.6) has a buggy iso_8859_1 locale
installed. If I enter "LC_CTYPE=iso_8859_1 locale -ck LC_CTYPE" to list
the character set then only the letters A-Z and a-z are included, and none
of the accented characters. The same happends for the national locales,
like "de" or "sv".

Could I install a correct locale in my home directory (and how do I do
that) or is there an patch for this bug that I could point my sysadm to?

Grss // Fredrik Roubert

--        CH-8003 Zrich

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