Directory Server (5.1) crash

Directory Server (5.1) crash

Post by Fred » Thu, 30 Jan 2003 22:02:07

After removing the WTMPX file on a Solaris 9 Directory Server (5.1)
the server crashed. The WTMPX file seemed corrupt and our TSM backup
was not able to backup this file. We have two LDAP servers (master and
slave). The master crashed and the slave handled the incoming LDAP
requests. The following error appeared in the error-log:
NSMMReplicationPlugin - Data required to update replica"cn=XXX.XX,
cn-replica, cn="", cn=mapping tree, cn=config (host, port 389)" has been purged. The replica must be

During the startup of the LDAP server we also received the following

Entry "cn=changelog5,cn=config" has unknown object class ""Date.... -
Entry "cn=changelog5,cn=config" has unknown object class"

At this moment we do not have any replication between the two LDAP
servers. We are not able to manually initialize the replication.

Your comments are very much appreciated.

With kind regards,



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