Wish for Solaris 2.6

Wish for Solaris 2.6

Post by Matthias Ku » Wed, 17 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Please, don't change the return value from 'uname -s'
to SunOS64.


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1. can't read Solaris 2.6 x86 hard disk on Solaris 2.6 Ultra-1 ?!?

I was going to use this hard drive to move large files from my
Ultra to my Pentium PC for CD-R backup, but upon "boot -r" on
the Ultra I saw an error about "invalid geometry" on sd3, the
drive I had formatted on my PC to be ufs.  And now of course
I can't even "prtvtoc" this disk ("Unable to read Disk geometry"),
so mounting it is seemingly out of the question.

What's the problem?  Was I naive to assume the a ufs on a Solaris
system would be the same regardless of CPU type?  I really don't
want to use Ethernet to transmit potentially gigabytes of data
on a regular basis :-(...

Please reply via email (and post here, of course), as I don't
get a chance to keep up with the newsgroup as regularly as I
would wish.  Thanks.

Mark J. Kaufman             Sun Microsystems, San Diego

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