tape recover error "not enough space"

tape recover error "not enough space"

Post by Casper H.S. Dik - Network Security Engine » Sat, 08 May 1999 04:00:00


>Hello, I'm trying to recover some files off a backup tape that I had just
>dumped to last week. I run Solaris 2.5 and I am using your basic 8mm 112m
>Exatape. I have used "ufsrestore" in interactive mode before so I am familiar
>with how it runs. So what I do is basically run: ufsdump 0ubf 512 /dev/rmt/0n
>filesystem when I do my backup. Then to recover I run ufsrecover if
>/dev/rmt/0n (I fastforward the tape to where ever I need to be). But I am
>getting this error message: "Media read error: Not enough space" now this
>seems to me to be that the drive I want to recover to does not have enough
>space, but I checked several times and there is plenty of space. Now maybe
>there is a catch to this because what I want  to do is recover part of a "/"
>backup. It seemed to dump fine but I get this error. Any suggestions?? thanx

SInce you use "512" as block size for dump, you need to use it for
restore as well.

"Not enough space" when reading from tape indicates that the buffer
passed to read is smaller than the block size of the tape.

    ufsrestore ifb /dev/rmt/0n 512

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