?: NIS+, Two console messages I wish I understood better

?: NIS+, Two console messages I wish I understood better

Post by Clay Luth » Sun, 31 Jul 1994 05:52:16

I am running a reasonably large network with several solaris 2.3 machines
under NIS+.

I am regularly getting two error messages on client and server consoles.  I
would like to understand them better and know whether they are simply spurious,
minor, or indicative of major snafu.

We are currently running nisd with -r -S1 on the server.

The first one appears on clients:

Jul 29 15:46:10 buddha syslog: authdes_validate: verifier mismatch

I have correlated these messages with with messages in /var/adm/messages on
the server:

Is this simply because the clocks are slightly out of step?  [We are running
rdate, though.]

The other one appears on the server console:

Jul 29 11:21:29 cliff nisd[16239]: WARNING: db_query::db_query: bad index

What exactly is he saying to me and how should I rectify it (hopefully, without
disrupting services?)

Just trying to untangle NIS+....



?: NIS+, Two console messages I wish I understood better

Post by Tom George (Sys Adm » Sat, 06 Aug 1994 19:56:39

The two error messages you have described are known error
messages. I also get them on my systems, and have also tried syncing
the clocks like yourself. A tech from Sun said that when nisclients
are created, if their clocks are not synched up when you perform nisclient,
you will get invalid timestamp errors. They plan on fixing this problem with Solaris
2.4. In the interim, you'll have to put up with the error messages.


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