Jumpstart AC200

Jumpstart AC200

Post by Dirk Kiehn » Fri, 21 Dec 2001 03:45:24

Hi all,

We've just traded in alot of old machines for the new
Netra T1 AC200. When I tried to reinstall Solaris with
a different disk layout from my jumpstart server the
machines just hang right after boot.

I did notice that the Solaris 8 7/01 version didn't
have full support for the AC200 and so I got the new
10/01 ISO images and recreated the jumpstart server
with those.

Unfortunately it just hangs right after the boot banner
and it won't start the install. Is there some driver
that needs to be added(like for the X1)?

Any help greatly appreciated.



1. Non-interactive t1 AC200 jumpstart

Hi all!

Just got all the jumpstart stuff set up (even ran the
modify_install_server.sp off of the Environment CD), and my jumpstart
is interactive!! Kind of defeats the purpose of a jumpstart. Anyone
had any problems with this and/or have any tips/hints on what to look

Thanks in advance, all!

        /Mick Ohrberg

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