Help, NIS+ Server, NIS Client

Help, NIS+ Server, NIS Client

Post by Jeremy Sta » Thu, 20 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Has anyone out there successfully configured a NIS+ server/NIS client

Our NIS+ network is working OK, but trying to initialise a machine as a
NIS client of our NIS-compatible NIS+ server generates the error:

   Can't enumerate maps from atlas. Please check that it is running.

I'm running around in circles with the documentation and can't see what's
wrong. Any ideas, please?


Non caremus, fimus non damus.


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I'v found some very old message about this problem in this group, but
there was no solution.

I' ve set up a NIS server on a Linux machine ( ubuntu 5.01)
following this howto

everything seems to be ok
my sun machine is binded to ypserv on linux

inv09748 ( my linux nis server)


but when i try to log with cao8 => " incorrect login"

i can only log with root

loggued with root in can do :
su - cao8
and it works fine

so ... if someone can help, i will be very gracefull

(sorry for my english, i'm french)

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