How to limit users' virtual memroy

How to limit users' virtual memroy

Post by T.Y. K » Fri, 06 Oct 1995 04:00:00


Does anybody know how to limit the users' virtual memory for each process
because we have users running very large virtual memory program that we
want to limit their memroy usage.  Many thanks!


1. virtual memory limit per user (ulimit -v)

On a 7.1 rh system (2.4.2-2 kernel), somehow, mysteriously, the
virtual memory limit (as shown by ulimit -v) was changed from
unlimited to 8192.  I am trying to correct this by setting some limits
in limits.conf for users (using "as"), but this does not work.  I can
change the limit as root (ulimit -v unlimited), but not for all other
users.  I don't know how this happened (other people do have the root
password, not by my choice) but how do I change the limit for virtual
memory back to unlimited for the average user?  I tried putting a
ulimit -HS -v unlimited line in /etc/profile, and that did not work
either.  Any clues?

Much thanks in advance for any help.

Chris Castleberry

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