cdrecord 1.5 has been released

cdrecord 1.5 has been released

Post by Joerg Schilli » Tue, 16 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Cdrecord allows you to create CD's on a CD-Recorder.
Cdrecord runs on:

SunOS 4.1.3 or later:   sparc.
Solaris 2.3 or later:   sparc and x86.
Linux:                  x86 sparc and alpha.
NetBSD/FreeBSD/OpenBSD: x86 sparc
SGI IRIX:               mips
HP-UX:                  hppa

NEW features of cdrecord-1.5:

In short:
        Added support for *BSD, HP-UX and SGI-IRIX
        Added support for the new SCSI-3/mmc drives (Yamaha CDR-400, Ricoh MP-6200)
-       added support for the Yamaha CDR-400 and other
        SCSI-3/mmc conforming drives like Ricoh MP-6200
-       Pre-alpha support for Teac (one data track in first session)
        With help from and (Timo Kokkonen)
-       Bug fix for Philips CDD-521 and CDD-522 drives
        Now these old Philips and Kodak drives work again.
-       added support for FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD
        (could be better if *BSD would upgrade kernel to support SCSI device files)
-       Support for SGI/IRIX (should be complete for now)
        SGI is fully supported (as SunOS/Solaris).
        Error recognition SCSI bus scanning and DMA residual count
        is fully supprted.
-       Support for HP-UX
-       New options:
                -inq            only do SCSI inquiry
                -checkdrive     check if a driver for this drive is present
                driver=name     allows to select a specific driver by hand.
                                To get a list of drivers use: cdrecord driver=help
                -scanbus        scan SCSI bus for drives and print description
                -nofix          do not fixate the disk
-       Byte-order of all Recorders will be automatically converted to BIG Endian
        This is the reason for the reordering of the output.
        NOTE: the verbose track listing may not be the same ad the -swap flags
        instead it lists if cdrecord will really need to swab bytes.
-       Exit codes != 0 if somthing bad happenes while burning a disk.
-       Automatically ejects/reloads the disk if Philips drive needs it
        because of firmware status problems.
-       added support for Smart & Friendly
-       Added support for Taiyo Yuden CD-WO EW-50 (not tested)
-       Better rounding for verbose printing
-       Better verbose output to identify used CD-R driver type
-       Try to open /dev/sg0 ... on Linux too to avoid problems
-       Add /usr/src/linux/include to include list on Linux
-       Better -toc listing
-       #include <sys/types.h> to be able to compile mkisofs on *BSD
-       Linux hack with mapping for more than one SCSI Bus
-       Hack to deal with a NetBSD/sparc SCSI driver bug (until fixed in driver)
-       Fix bug that would make mkisofs dump core on *BSD (my printf code
        curently cannot use the non-standard floatingpoint routines
        on *BSD)
-       -fix should now work even with Sony and SCSI-3/mmc drives
-       Better manual entry for the -isosize option
-       -isosize option disabled on non-seekable files
-       Completely rewritten drive recognition.
-       renamed the "errno" struct member in scg_cmd to "ux_errno" for
        the new GNU libc. This is needed for the new debian Linux.
-       Bug in scsi_load() corrected - cdrecord now loads the tray
        on a Yamaha CDR-400t and Teac CD-R50S
-       Bug fix in mkisofs for the times in the ISO9660 Volume descritor.
        The times have been only correct on Linux (by accident) before.
        Timezone now supported too.
-       Rewritten SCSI hack code to reduce number of open files.
-       Rewritten SCSI hack code for Linux will try to do
        SCSI target mapping even for old kernels on systems
        with more than one SCSI bus.
-       Verbose track listing moved past inquiry output
-       Copyright/Release-# output is always present if Inquiry output is present.

I am interested to hear if someone is interested in a kernel based
filesystem for Solaris that uses packet writing on the CD-Recorder.
The filesystem will create a single session CD that may be finally converted
to a hybrid filesystem that allows to be read as
ISO-9660 with Rock Ridge extensions too.
Please mail suggestions to:

The cdrecord distribution contains a SCSI user level transport library.
The SCSI library is suitable to talk to any SCSI device without having
a special driver for it.
Cdrecord may be easily ported to any system that has a
SCSI device driver similar to the scg driver.

The SCSI transport library has been taken from the sformat program.
Sformat is the first SCSI disk formatting/analyzing/repairing that runs on
SunOS/Solaris. The first release of sformat has been made for SunOS 3.0 in 1986
(two years before Sun introduced their format utility). Sformat source
including 10 years of competence in SCSI disk handling is available

On SunOS/Solaris:
You *need* the SCSI general driver 'scg' in order to run cdrecord.

SunOS 4.1.3 only:
The 'scg' driver is Copyright 1986-1995 J?rg Schilling,
it is supplied binary in a loadable format.
There is no future support, there is no non loadable support.

Solaris only:
The 'scg' driver is Copyright 1986-1995 J?rg Schilling,
it is supplied binary in pkgadd(1m) format and is tested
on Solaris 2.3, Solaris 2.4 & Solaris 2.5 (sparc).

Solaris only:
It is _nice to have_ the 'fbk' driver to mount files that contain
images of file systems. Fbk means File simulates Block Device.
It is supplied binary in pkgadd(1m) format and is tested
on Solaris 2.3, Solaris 2.4 & Solaris 2.5 (sparc).

cdrecord compiles and runs on Solaris x86, thanks to (Gert Poletiek) who did the tests.
The bitorder problems have been eliminated.

Cdrecord-1.3 or later adopts the right BUF_SIZE for each architecture.
This is to reduce some performance problems on Solaris x86.
It may be that the reason for this performance problems is that
the PC-architecture has no IO-MMU and therefore is not able to do DVMA.
If this points out to be the reason, I have to
change the scg driver & cdrecord, but this would
be needed on Linux anyway.

cdrecord should compile on SunOS, but you will need the scg driver for
SunOS in this case.

Cdrecord has been implemented with a Philips CDD 521.
Cdrecord now is maintained with a Philips CDD-2000
It runs also on:

        DynaTec CDM-240J (see Pinnacle RCD-4x4)
        Grundig CDR-100  (not tested)
        Hewlett Packard 4020i
        Hewlett Packard 6020i
        HP C4324/C4325 (HP SureStore 4020i/6020i)
        Hi-Val CD-R (see Pinnacle RCD-4x4)
        JVC XR-W2010 (uses TEAC pre-alpha code - see below)
        Kodak PCD-200 or Kodak PCD-200 Plus
        Kodak PCD-225
        Kodak PCD-600
        MitsumiCR-2401-TS (not tested)
        Olympus CDS615E
        Philips CDD 521 (CDD521/02  Revision: 2.06 has bad firmware - seems not to work)
        Philips CDD 521 (upgraded units only: ID: CDD521/10  Revision: 2.07)
        Philips CDD 522
        Philips CDD 2000
        Philips CDD 2600
        Pinnacle Micro RCD-5020 (see TEAC/JVC)
        Pinnacle Micro RCD-5040 (see TEAC/JVC)
        Pinnacle Micro RCD-4x4 (see TEAC/JVC but no auto device detect: use driver=teac_cdr50 please report inquiry)
        Plasmon CDR 4220 (not tested)
        Plasmon RF-4100
        Ricoh RO-1420C
        Ricoh MP-6200
        Smart & Friendly CD-R2004
        Sony CDU920S
        Sony CDU924S
        Sony CDU926S
        Sony CDU940S
        TEAC CD-R50S (Pre-alpha support: one data track only,  use at your own risk)
                        please run each session in "script" and report errors
        Taiyo Yuden CD-WO EW-50(please test: has been reported to be a Philips CDD-522)
        Yamaha CDR-100
        Yamaha CDR-102
        Yamaha CDR-200
        Yamaha CDR-400(Firmware revision 1.0d and up otherwise upgrade)

Multi-session has not been tested with the Plasmon RF-4100

All companies that support me with SCSI command reference manuals and drives
will get (continued) support in the following releases.

To install get:

        SCHILYscg.sparc.tar.Z   The scg driver in pkgadd format (sparc).
        SCHILYfbk.sparc.tar.Z   The fbk driver in pkgadd format (sparc).
        SCHILYscg.i386.tar.Z    The scg driver in pkgadd format (x86).
        SCHILYfbk.i386.tar.Z    The fbk driver in pkgadd format (x86).
        cdrecord-1.1.tar.Z      The cdrecord for Solaris distribution.

NOTE:   These tar archives are 100% ansi compatible. Solaris 2.x tar and GNU
        tar may get some minor trouble.

WARNING: Do not use 'mc' to extract the tar file!
        All mc versions before 4.0.14 cannot extract symbolic links correctly.

The files are located on: ... ... ...

The cdrecord distribution contains a SCSI user level transport library.
The SCSI library is suitable to talk to any SCSI device without having
a special driver for it.

If you need mkisofs, it is located on:

but it is also contained in cdrecord-1.5

-- (home) J?rg Schilling D-13353 Berlin                (uni)  If you don't have iso-8859-1                   (work) chars I am J"org Schilling


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