CNF: QW2002 Program Announced

CNF: QW2002 Program Announced

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                      Fif*th International
          Software and Internet Quality Week Conference,
            3-6 September 2002, San Francisco, CA  USA

The times are demanding and budgets are carefully managed.  You need
all the information you can get on how to make the most of your
precious resources. QW2002 is the meeting place to get your
questions answered, learn from your peers and take practical
solutions back to the job. Are you looking for an Expert opinion?
The speakers are top industry and academic leaders, gathered to
share their knowledge.

Do you need an update on Tools or Services? You will have access to
demos from the Top Tools & Services Vendors. Don't miss the
opportunity to save your company a lot of money in the long run.

You're invited to participate in the premier software and internet
quality conference -- Quality Week 2002, San Francisco, 3-6
September 2002.


** QW2002's THEME: The Wired World...

Change is very rapid in the new wired world, and the wave of change
brought about by the Internet affects how we approach our work; how
we think about quality of software and its main applications in IT
and E-commerce. QW2002 aims to tackle internet and related issues
head on, with special presentations dealing with changes in the
software quality and internet areas.

** QW2002 OFFERS...

The QW2002 program consists of four days of training Seminars,
mini-Tutorials or QuickStarts, Panels, Technical Papers and
Workshops that focus on software and internet test technologies, as
experienced around the world.

  * 14 full and half-day in-depth training seminars.
  * Over 80 Presentations, in a Three-Day, Six Tracks Conference
  * Practical Keynotes with Real-World Experience from Leading
    Industry Practitioners.
  * The latest Research Results from Academia.
  * Exchange of critical information among technologists, managers,
    and consultants.
  * Lessons Learned & Success Stories.
  * State-of-the-art information on software quality and Web
  * Vendor Technical Presentations and Demonstrations
  * Latest Tools and Trends.
  * Three-Day Vendor Show/Exhibition
  * Meetings of Special Interest Groups and Birds-Of-A-Feather


Save $200 by registering before July 2:

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