Solaris/2 Differences

Solaris/2 Differences

Post by David Capsti » Wed, 19 Oct 1994 04:21:21

Can anyone explain the changes made between Solaris and Solaris/2 ?

Thanks in advance
David Capstick


1. Solaris 9 differences than Solaris 8

Ive read over some of the errata type and release notes
information for Solaris 9.

Just a couple of quick questions for those of you that
have migrated.

Is CDE still available in 9?

Also, if I have applications that utilize the libs in
/usr/openwin are they still available? Basically I read
that /usr/openwin is gone on 9 .. if thats true are they
including it on the bonus sw disks?

What, if any, issues have people had in relation to using
gnome with their older applications that ran under CDE
or openwin?

If I could get some migration issues that people have had and
resoultions/things to watch out for as we move to 9 that
would be great.


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