IBM disk as boot disk won't work in SS LX under 2.5.1?

IBM disk as boot disk won't work in SS LX under 2.5.1?

Post by George Herbe » Sat, 22 Feb 1997 04:00:00

>I want to do a Solaris 2.5.1 fresh install from cd onto a IBM disk. The
>installation routine complains about bad label, bad partition of the disk
>and aborts, leaving the shell window, while it is recognized correctly by
>Is there a way to get it to work (perhaps by configuring sth in that shell
>and restarting the installation)?
>But what and how?
>Any hint is appreciated.

This is being posted and mailed as it is a general interest question.

The miniroot-equivalent in Solaris 2.x installs has, among other
programs it installs, format.  The way to deal with having an
install bomb out due to unformatted or unlabeled or unrecognized
hard drive type is to bring up a command tool window, run format,
if the drive isn't recognized set it to "auto" type and let it
self-configure, and then to label the drive.

Once the drive is labeled, one of the mouse button menus has
"Restart Install" on it, just select that and go back through
the install.  The disk should be handled properly this time.

-george william herbert


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