ExaByte 440 scsi driver for solaris wanted

ExaByte 440 scsi driver for solaris wanted

Post by Jean-Marie Bernassa » Thu, 11 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I have a Exabyte 440 cartridge library.
I would like to program this library from a sparc Solaris machine.
This amounts to writing and reading on the scsi bus.
Has anybody done this ?

Thank you.

Jean-Marie Bernassau
Chimie structurale / Sanofi Recherche
371, rue du Pr. J. Blayac - 34184 Montpellier cedex 4 - France


1. Sun u30 and Exabyte 440 autoloader

I've got an Exabyte 440 autoloader with two Exabyte mammoth drives connected
to it. Backups are performed with Solstice Backup on the u30 that the
Exabyte connects to.

I can run two different savegroups at the same time, but is there a way to
make one save group go to one tape drive, and the other go to the other tape

I know I'm oversimplifying this, and there probably is no way to do this
with Solstice Backup, but...what the heck. Anything anyone can provide will
be great.


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