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According to InfoDoc #82023 (*), automatic download of patches will only
be possible via wget; a sample script ( is provided. Even
this script is described as "Please note this is not a formally supported
service". It has a few problems I'd like to report:

The contains DOS line-breaks, so it won't run under Solaris
at all until it's been converted with dos2unix.

The script uses the --no-check-certificate of wget. This option was added
to the most recent version of wget only. Therefore, the wget which comes
with any Solaris version cannot be used, as it's too old.

All downloaded patches are automatically being tagged with either a .jar
or .zip extension. This completely ignores the fact that there are patches
in .tar and .tar.Z format. Trying to unzip such an incorrectly named file
will fail.

I'm also missing an option to download only the README file of a certain
patch, and not the complete patch.


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