Bad MNT RPC: hostname:/filesystem: RPC: Authentication error

Bad MNT RPC: hostname:/filesystem: RPC: Authentication error

Post by Kent Ada » Thu, 13 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Attempting to NFS mount filesystem from Solaris(host yyyy) to OSF1 or
Ultrix(host xxxx) gets the message returned:

xxxx # mount yyyy:/usr /mnt
Bad MNT RPC: yyyy:/usr: RPC: Authentication error; why = Invalid
client credential

Any help here, then please mail direct.

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When I try to mount something from a remote computer,
I keep getting this error from some computers, like sgi. I used to get it
from hps, but they work now. There is nothing wrong with the sgis, since
they network with other computers fine. This happens with 3 different linux
computers, using slackware from around April last year to 2.1.0.
I have posted that before and some people suggested fiddling with
the hps configuratino files. This is clearly not a solution !


-- Mihail Iotov

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