Can Solaris pkg* utilities do versioning?

Can Solaris pkg* utilities do versioning?

Post by John Ca » Thu, 18 Jul 1996 04:00:00

The Solaris package manuals and book provide hundreds of pages of
information on creating and installing packages, but I haven't found
anything that tells me how to handle new versions of the same software.
When Sun releases a patch they include a 75 KB shell script to install a
patch using undocumented features of pkgadd.  Is it possible, with a
reasonable amount of effort, to use the package tools to create, install,
and back out upgrades?  Are there any documents that will help me?  (I
have Sun's book "Application Packaging Developer's Guide"; it doesn't
answer my questions.)



1. versioning utility on solaris


in my workplace every day a version of out product is compiled (and exe
files and libs created) , i would like to be able to know throw time for
every compiled product to which version it belongs.

is there any utility on unix that can stamp my exe files (and libs) in a way
that i could retrive later the versioning info on that file ?



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