Need help installing java on a browser

Need help installing java on a browser

Post by Marcel Timmerma » Sat, 14 Mar 1998 04:00:00


I want to activate java in netscape 3.0 browser. How do I do this and
how and where do you need to set the classpath and path of the Java


1. Java, Java, Java, Java, Java, Java .....

In the systems being developed here, everything is coded in Java. There
are about 100 Java applications each running its own virtual machine.

I'm supposed to work with test and performance analysis of these systems
and I'm using tools that log system behaviour on process level.

The problem is that all I see is 100 processes named Java with some
small variations in command line parameters.

Is there a safe way to alter the process names either at startup or at
runtime ?
What could be the consequences of doing such a thing ?

//Hans Hagberg

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