solstice backup 5.1 nwadmin puzzle! any help/suggestions?

solstice backup 5.1 nwadmin puzzle! any help/suggestions?

Post by japp.. » Tue, 28 Nov 2000 04:00:00

Solstice backup 5.1turbo edition on sol 2.6

Ooops, the /nsr directory was removed on Friday. Managed to restore
using the scanner command. Problem at the moment is that the nwadmin
gui has reverted back to the eval version, losing all it's setups.

I am at a loss why this would be the case!

Any ideas?!!

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1. Solstice Backup nwadmin failing on standlone Desktop

        While waiting for my "slot" in a Solstice Backup training course,
and after installing version 5.1.1 on our office servers, I installed it
on my home installation of Solaris 7 x86. In this case, however, running
nwadmin results in the following error:

        nwadmin: No nsrhost in host table, trying sneakers

sneakers is the system name. In the GUI, File has only the Exit option,
Server has only the Change option. Except for the Option dropdown,
everything else is greyed out and unavailable. What's different about
this installation that makes this package unusable?

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