Diskless net boot

Diskless net boot

Post by Max Pashko » Wed, 31 May 2000 04:00:00

Hello, world!

Can anybody give me some advise in creating proper boot images and
configuration files for Solaris 8 x86 server and x86 diskless
netbootable clients? I have several diskless workstation with Intel
EtherExpress 100+ NIC (iprb). NIC have bootstrap ROM with PXE/WfM and
RPL protocol support. I try boot  /tftpboot/inetboot file with
PXE/DHCP/TFTP and /rplboot/{iprb.bef,gluecode.com,inetboot} with RPL
without success.

Max Pashkoff


1. Diskless net boot from non-solaris (linux) server


I have some old sparcstation-10 without disk.
I have installed solaris 7 on a little disk and I want to copy its
contents on a bigger disk on a linux server.
Then I want to net boot and mount the root filesystem over nfs.

I've already managed to net boot linux for sparc on it with rarp and
tftp and I thought it would be possible to
do something similar with solaris 7.

Wich boot image should I use ? On a disk-based boot ufsboot is launched
which loads the kernel and all the modules.
  What is the starting file in a net boot ?

/etc/system has some entries which define the root filesystem and root
  I thought it should contain something like that:

is this correct ?
But how can the kernel access initially /etc/system if it doesn't know
the server IP and the path of the exported fs ?

Has anyone tried this before ?
Can anyone point me to details about the net boot sequence ?



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