Solaris 2.2 Telnet source needed

Solaris 2.2 Telnet source needed

Post by Judha Wiraw » Sat, 09 Oct 1993 05:02:41

Does anybody has a compilable telnet source code for Solaris 2.2?
Or any ftp site that carry it?  Anyone?

Please reply through e-mail as I don't check this newsgroup regularly.
Thanx! :)
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1. Need source of Telnet daemon for Solaris 2.3/2.4


(I don't think my first post passed through)

I'm in need for a special project of a modified telnet daemon. I ftp'ed
the BSD source, but it doesn't compile easily on Solaris 2.3.

Does anyone know about such sources for Solaris ?

In fact I just need the telnet daemon not to launch "login", but directly
a (kind of) restricted shell, allowing people from a certain address to
log in without having to provide authentification.

Jean-Francois Stenuit
Technical support engineer
Interpac Belgium

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