18GB HDD on SUN Solaris 2.4 ???

1. SUN ISDN 1.0.2 and SUN async PPP (Solaris 2.4)

We have been using the PPP package on Solaris 2.4 until now without
any problems over a serial link plus a V.34 modem. When I installed
SUN ISDN 1.0.2, however, the modem hang (i.e. did not answer)
sometimes after using async PPP (I have not tested ISDN yet). The
reason is, that SUN ISDN replaces the ppp program and ipdp* files
under /usr/kernel. So it seems, that SUN ISDN is not compatible with
async PPP. Is this correct? Is there a patch for it or will it work
under Solaris 2.5?

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