NIS allows remote login but not console login?

NIS allows remote login but not console login?

Post by John S. Jaco » Mon, 16 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I setup a Solaris 2.5 machine as an NIS client (HPUX 10.10 machines are
the NIS servers), but the Solaris machine is only allowing logins
through NIS _remotely_! That is, if a login is not found in the passwd
file but can be found over NIS (using the "+" in /etc/passwd), that user
can only rlogin/telnet to the Solaris machine, but not login at the

Okay, to be even more specific (I did a little troubleshooting), login
to Solaris (the windowing system) or CDE does _not_ work. However, a
text-only console login works fine (just like rlogin/telnet).

Any ideas why text-only logins work but not windowes console logins? I
don't want to resort to a script that copies necessary logins to the
/etc/passwd file.


PS: I'd appreciate email replies as well, since I don't get around to
this group often (but I did read the FAQ and as many posts about NIS
before posting this!)


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Hi All,

I have a user named "shutdown" which does  kill the xdm and shutting
down the system. As a default to RedHat distribution, login to root is
only allowed in console. I like to make "shutdown" like that. I mean
allowing only console login, not telnet login.

How do I do that?
could someone please help me out? Well, there is a passwd to shutdown so
it is not big deal.. but it will be nice to make it that way.


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