SCSI command timeout

SCSI command timeout

Post by Rodney Win » Wed, 20 Mar 1996 04:00:00

> I got this error too... on a brand new drive with a brand new tape.
> We're using Sun's DAT 4mm 5gig component.  Anyone else seeing these
> errors?

I saw a similar problem on our HP server.  I tried using a Maxell 120s
tape, and got the error.  The system works fine with Maxell 90s tapes, but
we successfully use the other tapes in other DAT drives.


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1. SCSI command timeout

Using  tar xf /dev/rst11 I get the following error:

                Disconnected command timeout for Target 4.0

                SCSI transport failed:reason 'timeout': giving up

The tar device is a 4mm Exabyte 4200 and it is attached to the second
SCSI Sbus card and is the only device attached to that card.

What gives?

The Solaris 2.3, st.conf file is setup with:

   tape-config-list="EXABYTE EXB-4200","EXABYTE 4200 4mm DAT",EXBT-42c";

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