vacation replies to wrong From address

vacation replies to wrong From address

Post by Roman Czyborr » Sat, 11 Oct 1997 04:00:00

> Unfortunately, I'm finding that the vacation program on a new Sun
> machine is sending replies to the underlying user specified in the
> very first line of the email envelope (the "From" line without a colon).

That's correct behaviour to send bounces to the envelope From.

Quote:> Normally, this wouldn't appear to be much of a problem, except that
> the incoming emails are being generated by a CGI program, and so
> all emails are identified by the same http daemon user, which is now
> receiving all of the auto-responses.  I want the prior functionality
> that I had with Linux; can anyone suggest an easy solution?


        | formail -I"From " -a"From " -s vacation $USER


1. Wrong sender's return address when using vacation for auto-reply


I've just set up vacation for usue as some of our people are going
away for a few weeks and I run into a problem.

When the system replies "User away, etc..." it adds the hostname to
the domain name in the user's email address..


Help, so little time is allowed to work on problems in this place..
I'm sure it must be a very easy switch in the sendmail conf files, if
you knwo it well, but I have no time to experiment too much. :(

Thank you much if you can help.

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